Sample Introduction for ICP and ICP-MS

Lato Scientific Glassworks currently manufactures and stocks most quartz and glass sample introduction consumables for ICP and ICP-MS. Our high standards for quality and excellence are complemented by the efforts of all of us here at Lato Scientific Glassworks. Quality starts with design, and follows through to fabrication and then completion. We will meet or exceed OEM specifications for dimensions and tolerances. This assures correct performance with each and every part we manufacture.

  • Agilent Technologies

    • Varian

  • Bruker

  • GV, Micromass

  • JY – Jobin Yvon

  • NU Instruments

  • Perkin Elmer/Sciex

  • Seiko

  • Shimadzu

  • Spectro Analytical Instruments

  • Teledyne-Leeman Labs

  • Thermo Scientific

    • TJA

    • ARL

    • VG Instruments

    • Finnigan